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Answering the statement “I dont believe in Hypnosis”

Some people say they will not go for hypnosis, because they do not believe in it, “I dont believe in Hypnosis”, they say.
My first (flippant) answer is always:

“Well, thank goodness for that, as hypnosis is not a religion.”

Having thought about this for some time, I have found that belief does actually play a big role in the success of hypnosis.

You have to believe that it is going to work!

It is just like when you pop a pill for the flu, you believe that it is going to work, isn’t it?

And what if your doctor gave you a sugar pill and you popped it?

Research has shown that people get better, even if the pill has no medicinal effect at all.

It is called the placebo effect. Believe it will work, and it most probably will.

Hypnosis works the same way. When you come to a hypnosis session, you have to have some faith in the fact that it is going to work for you. This creates a situation where you are willing to make changes. The suggestions given to you during the hypnotic process will then help you to make those changes.

“Whatever the mind can conceive, and if you believe, the mind can achieve.”

Want to come for a stop smoking session but you firmly believe it is not going to work? Chances are you are not in the right frame of mind for it to work!

Come to a stop smoking session firmly believing that today is the day you throw away those cigarettes? Guess what?

So while hypnosis is not a belief system, there is a certain amount of belief required. Of course the skill of your Hypnotist also plays a role. Sometimes a skillful talker can talk us into doing something we did not expect!

So choose your Hypnotist carefully, ask around, find out what other people are saying about him or her. And when you do go for your appointment, have some belief in yourself!

Because it’s true: Hypnosis Works!

Have faith.

written by Hendrik Baird from: www.hypnosis-works.co.za

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