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Warren Munitz

Owner Warren Munitz Institute cc
Home 49A Somerset Road Green Point Cape Town Western Province 8005 South Africa Work Phone: 0214185080
Photo of Warren Munitz


Photo of Warren Munitz

It is my intention to empower each and every person to see and begin to use their magnificence. I hold that intention for you too. I consciously started exploring personal development at the age of 19. Personal past experiences and trauma lead me in search of a solution, of conquering my inner demons. A journey that would ultimately unfold into my purpose.

I realised from past experiences that we have to make the most of this moment and every moment we have in our lives. That there is really no time like the present, in fact there really is no time except for the present. I have been practising in the field of personal development and self mastery for the past 15 years.

I began studying many different forms of meditation, yoga, philosophy and esoteric paths. I traveled to India and spent the most part of 6 months in solitude in the Himalayan mountains meditating, searching the depths of my being for “enlightenment”. On my return in 2003 I opened a yoga and meditation school which ran successfully and transformed into my current coaching practise.

I’ve trained and qualified in a Masters in NLP life coaching, hypnotherapy, time paradigm techniques, stress biofeedback, relationship and business coaching. I have spent my time collecting and developing tools to help people empower themselves and am dedicated to my own personal development. Over time these experiences transformed my life personally and the essence of true personal mastery started to emerge.

I initially took what I believed to be the gems of all that knowledge and created a life coaching program, over the past several years this transformed even further into a process that for lack of a better name I call “Authentic Self Rediscovery”. This is the journey of clearing our past and integrating ourselves back into the present and of collecting our future, dreams, hopes and desires and liberating it into today so that we can achieve our dreams and live our lives feeling fulfilled everyday.

I was then accepted to do a PhD in the applied psychology with my focus on the process towards self-realisation, as my practise is growing and my focus is now more on the wellbeing of my clients, my PhD has become more of a process than a destination.


“Noli foras, in interiore homine habitat veritas” – Go not outside, truth dwells in the inner man


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49A Somerset Road Green Point Cape Town Western Province 8005 South Africa