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Tony van Sittert

Hypnosis for Health
Work 251 High Street Oudtshoorn Western Cape South Africa Cell Phone: 0844858455 Website: Hypnosis for Health
Photo of Tony van Sittert


Photo of Tony van Sittert

A Brief Bio about yourself and your work (make this compelling to the reader [potential client]):

I am a former Army Chaplain, with a BTh (Hons) in Practical Theology. After leaving the Defence Force I studied hypnosis with the aim of helping as many people as I could with this modality, in as many ways as possible. I have specialized in Skype sessions, so am able to help clients in the comfort of their home, as long as they have a working Skype connection. I am certified as a Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, and Parts Therapy Practitioner.

I am also available to do Comedy Hypnosis shows, where the true power of suggestion becomes evident.