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Petra Nicol

Serenity Hypnosis
Work Watercrest Wellness Centre 68 Link Road Waterfall KwaZulu Natal 3652 South Africa Cell Phone: 0824779460 Website: Serenity Hypnosis
Photo of Petra Nicol


Photo of Petra Nicol

I am a qualified & experienced Consulting Hypnotist, registered with SAMHA.
Married with two children, I live on a smallholding in Crestholme, and offer Hypnosis sessions from my Healing Room in Waterfall (near Hillcrest, KZN).
Although I offer assistance through Hypnosis with a broad variety of issues, I have a special affinity for assisting with those suffering from grief, abuse survivors, self-confidence / self-esteem problems, weight issues, depression, anger management, life-coaching, and also general concerns with children & teens.
Also of special interest are people affected by / witnesses of crimes – when traumatic things happen to a person, the sub-conscious mind, although remembering everything, often “blocks out” the details from the conscious mind in order to protect us from remaining in “survival mode”.  This can cause complications when you’re asked to remember precise details by investigating police officers!  I have assisted numerous people in this regard, using hypnosis thereafter to aid the healing process.
Why am I passionate about Hypnosis?
My son had been diagnosed with ADD & medication was prescribed. I felt intuitively that medication was not what he needed & sought out alternative therapies. He was assessed by educational specialists & the results showed that he is a gifted child – super bright, but, at that stage, not able to apply his intellect to his school environment. I qualified as a Consulting Hypnotist in order to assist my boy & WOW, what results he experienced!! After working with him during a long school holiday, his teacher was convinced he had been placed on the prescribed meds because the change in confidence, concentration & ability was phenomenal! He has not looked back, and is consistently near the top of his class, and so proud of his achievements – the Power of Hypnosis at work……. !
I am a registered Reiki Master, and also offer Spiritual Guidance & Counselling to those who seek it.
Feel free to contact me for a confidential chat to see how I may assist YOU through the Power of Hypnosis  –  Lead the Life YOU Desire!!

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Watercrest Wellness Centre 68 Link Road Waterfall KwaZulu Natal 3652 South Africa