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Home 5 North End Road Navilsig Bloemfontein Free State 9301 South Africa Cell Phone: 072 022 1063 Website: Leonie Hypnotherapy
Photo of Leonie Marlyn Dippenaar


Photo of Leonie Marlyn Dippenaar

Leonie studied with Translife Center


  • Using Hypnosis we can heal the past with past life regression- understanding karma and change the future.
  • In between lives gives us perspective where we come from and our life purpose
  • Regression work helps us understand the origin of our problems
  • Inner child needs to feel secure and loved
  • Soul retrieval- brings back that part that we lost during trauma or being disconnected from self.
  • If something is not serving you anymore- hypnosis can help set in motion a new  choice like
  • stop smoking, dealing with anxiety, recognize why you overeat.


What if you could havall the benefits of a

Surgical Gastric Band, without thsurgery and cost? Well now you can!

By using thHypno-Banhypnotherapy system wcreatstatof minwheryou will believyoactually hava Gastric Banfitted! You will eat smaller portions anfeel full.The Hypno-Bansystem is a long term solution to your weighproblems. Contact me today.

Contact: Ethno Psychology Practitioner EPP, CHt

Leonie M Dippenaar

072 022 1063


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5 North End Road Navilsig Bloemfontein Free State 9301 South Africa