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Photo of Yvonne Munshi


Photo of Yvonne Munshi

I was born in June 1958 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Hobbies:  Competitive Show-Jumping, Diving, Painting, Reading, Piano, Music

I owe both my sense of adventure and business to my Swiss father, who worked as a steward with Swissair when I was little, and my spiritual side to my British mother, who is an artist with a strong scientific interest, both of them to become hoteliers in time, hence my education and experience in the Hotel Industry.

I delved into the search of mind and spirit at the age of 17, very much intrigued by C. G. Jung’s search of the conscious and the subconscious mind with his technique of Active Imagination in “Encounters with the Soul”, by his book “Memories, Dreams and Reflections”, and his understanding of the male and female part in every one of our souls in “Anima and Animus” as well as his and Freud’s Dream Analysis and Erich von Daniken’s book “Chariots of the Gods – Memories of the Future.”

But my sense of adventure gave me wings and took me to the air. It was not yet time… I escaped to Africa to be a flight instructor and airline pilot for 17 years before life guided me back to my spiritual calling and the search for the essence of being.

Whilst going through a dark period in my life, I discovered Hypnotherapy and was amazed at the transformations it brought about in my being and hence in my life. It opened up a whole new journey which led me to the amazing discovery of the power of our mind and reawakened my curiosity about the conscious and the subconscious mind – which incidentally are essential elements of Hypnosis.

I realised how easily we are wrongly programmed through events in our lives, especially but not only in our childhood, which are stored in our subconscious mind and create behaviour issues during our whole life and which make us suffer needlessly because we don’t understand them (and even if we do, we don’t know what to do about them nor how to change them).

I found a tool in Hypnotherapy which helps unlock the mind to change that wrong programming, enabling the mind and soul to heal.

As my life has been transformed and continues to do so, I feel inspired to accompany others along their life path too, helping them find answers to their questions and problems and to empower them to find their own happiness.

The study of the physiology of the brain and its connection with the mind is my special interest. The more I find, the more I want to know:

– Where is our mind?
– How do I actually connect my brain and my mind?
– How can I influence my life through the better use of my mind?
– How does the memory work, and how can I improve memory retention and recall.
– How can I help people recover from memory loss?

Whilst I started out on this quest of the unknown realms of the mind I found myself drawn into a deeper search of purpose and meaning of life. Questions about:

– How and why are we locked in this cycle of Ego and Guilt?
– What is this Reality and what is Illusion?
– What is our Divine Connection?
– What is meant by Separation and Atonement?
– What is Death, and what comes afterwards? Past Life?
– What is the Theory of this Universe?
– What is my Ultimate Purpose?
– How do we find Peace and Enlightenment?

Finding deeper meaning in my life allows me to be a better counsellor for people seeking to make changes in their lives.

The study of Hypnotherapy has also led me back to teaching as an assistant instructor on the Hypnotherapy courses given by Thomas Budge in Johannesburg for the South African Institute of Hypnotism between 2009 to 2010.

Today I am a full time Therapist, dedicated to help people and accompany them on their journey of discovery and self fulfilment.

Through my workshops I aim to inspire people to a greater understanding of the potential of their mind.

Certification, Accreditation and Achievements

Certificate in Biopsychology Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology and Developmental Psychology
(in progress)

Licensed Distributor of Fast ForWord®
Cognitive Skills Development Programme

Accreditation and Membership with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, USA

Michael Ellner’s Quantum Focus (from New York)

Private Practice as certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Hypnotherapist, C.Ht.
Courses and accreditation with the South African Institute of Hypnotism

Reiki Level I & II, (Enersence with Reiki Master Hermon Coleman)

Dr. Ashok Jain, Quantum Hypnosis (USA)

Past Life Regression Therapy Course

Andrew Newton’s Instant Induction Techniques (UK)

Creation and Management of Oryx Logistics (Pty.) Ltd., Imports and Exports

Airline Pilot License, (certified in Atlanta, USA, flying in DRC)

Creation and Co-management of Commercial Airline in DRC

Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor License (certified in Dallas, USA, flying in DRC)

Private Pilot License (certified in Switzerland and Kenya)

Assistant Manager Hotel International, Zurich, Switzerland

Assistant Manager Hotel Erlinsbacherhof, Lake of Zurich, Switzerland

Computer-Programming with IBM Zurich/Data Management for Chartered Accountant Company REBAG in Zurich

École Hôtelière de Lausanne (Hospitality and Management School Lausanne, Switzerland)

Commercial and Banking Apprenticeship
Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Aarau, Switzerland


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