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Dr Simon David Knight Ph.D(Alt.Med)

Dr Simon Knight The Holistic OakOwner
Home Shop 4, Indoor pool complex Harbour Rd Port Alfrid Port Alfred Eastern Cape 6170 South Africa Cell Phone: 0826891649 Website: The Holistic Oak
Photo of Dr Simon David Knight Ph.D(Alt.Med)


Photo of Dr Simon David Knight Ph.D(Alt.Med)

Simon Knight has a varied background, from folding sheets to general manager of a hotel, to construction, to information technology. This varied background has exposed him to a diverse and interesting group of people. He has always been drawn to helping people deal with their life issues and has always enjoyed sharing in healing solutions.

After dedicated self-study, Simon committed himself to his calling of healing people through such formal training as Hypnotherapy, Ethnomedicine, and Ethnopsychology. During his training he was called to train as a Sangoma (African Shaman). It was through this experience he received his Sangoma/Shamanic name of Dabulamanzi – “Divider of water.”

Simon then studied at the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine and received his Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine. He uses a variety of modalities to help his patients heal themselves holistically. A holistic healing approach allows Simon to focus on his clients’ wellbeing and happiness. These holistic healing approaches include Iridology, Sclerology, Quantum magnetic resonance, Live and Dry Blood analysis, Hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K. Simon combines test results to form a complete picture of his client’s state of health and then prescribes the best treatment to heal the cause of the illness and not hide the symptoms. Simon believes the body is a remarkable machine that can and does heal itself continuously if it is given what it needs. Simon’s work supports the ideology that the majority of dis-eases are symptoms of an imbalance in our mind and body.

Simon is registered with Ethnomedicine Practitioners Association of South Africa (EPASA), International Medical and Dentist Hypnosis association (IMDHA) and Traditional Medical of South Africa (TRAMSA), Traditional healers organisation (THO)

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Shop 4, Indoor pool complex Harbour Rd Port Alfred Eastern Cape 6170 South Africa