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Hypnosis and the Consumer Protection Act

I have heard a few stories of some very dodgy Hypnotists working in the Pretoria area. Hearing clients complain about false promises, dubious working methods and strange behaviour, it is no wonder that the general public has such a distorted idea of what Hypnosis is and what it can do.

Luckily consumers in South Africa are protected by the Consumer Protection Act and this new legislation also affects Hypnosis practitioners. This was brought up at a previous Guild meeting where it was briefly discussed. More attention needs to be paid to this act to ensure that we comply to the conditions of the act.

Terms and conditions, advertising, invoices and receipts, all documents used in a practice need to comply with the act. The client also needs recourse when things go wrong.

Do you understand what implications this might have on the way you do business?

Do you understand the impact it may have on you as a person? Do you as the client understand what your rights are and what you can do when you feel that you did not receive what you paid for?

There is a company www.seesa.co.za that specialize in this sort of thing and for a small fee they will help you to bring your business in compliance with the law, even offering a certificate of compliance with the act once you have implemented their recommendations. I am sure your local lawyer could do the same thing for you too.

Make sure that you are within the confines of the law, not only to protect your clients, but also to protect yourself.

And if you as a client receive shoddy service, make your voice heard. Contact Their Certifying Institute (if they are trained). If you do not know their Institute contact one of these prominent training institutes to find out if they are a certified member: *

  • South African Institute of Hypnosis (SAIH)
  • The South African Modern Hypnosis Academy (SAMHA)
  • EPASA (translife)
  • Hypnosis Training Institute of South Africa (HTISA)

If they are a member of any of these organisations then they have signed a code of conduct and their Institute will be able to investigate the complaint and take the necessary action. Otherwise let the Hypnosis Guild of Southern Africa know.

If the practitioner you saw was a clinical Hypnotherapist, then talk to The South African Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Do not accept quacks who ruin our hard-earned reputations. (Do not be one of those quacks, either!)

Hypnosis is an honourable profession which can provide a wide range of lasting benefits. Let us all work together to keep it that way and improve the quality of service we deliver.

written by Hendrik Baird from: www.hypnosis-works.co.za

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