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Get Listed on Find A Hypnotist

If you are an established hypnosis professional and want to get more clients or are a new hypnosis professional wanted to get yourself out there, this is the quick guide to help you get listed on Find A Hypnotist and help you get seen.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to get listed:

Step 1: Register:

The first thing you need to do is to Register your own account, since you will be managing your own listings, you will need your own account to do so.

Register or Login

If you are registering, please make sure you click the activation link in the email that will be sent to you.

Step 2: Add listing:

Once you have created your account, you are now able to add your first listing. All first listings are moderated before they go live on the website, so be sure to be patient during this process.

Add a listing.

Once your listing is added, you can speed up the process by letting us know by using our Contact Form.

Once you have done these few steps, you would successfully have added your listing with us.

We have additional features of a Hypnotizability Test that site visitors can take to see how easily they can be hypnotized.

Also, Potential Clients may fill out the Request a Hypnotist form to get paired with the best suited hypnotist near them.

All the very best,

Eternal Smiles,

Leo Gopal, Find A Hypnotist Creator